Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i n s p i r a t i o n a l g i r l ▲ lana del rey

i've been hearing lana del rey for sometime now and every time i do it i'm captured into this undefinided vibe by her voice and all her looks. it's a mix of sixties perfect lawns and houses with an american scent and a blurry motel and journey look . . . i can't quite explain the images i associate with her but is definitly like i'm watching one of those american movies where there's a girl and a boy in love and they decide to runaway in their car and they go through america, riding their roads, sleeping in those aqua coloures sidewalk motels...i give up...maybe its dificult to explain ones imaginary head but i can't stop imagining when i hear lana singing. and she is quite inspiring. she remainds me a little bit of bardot, a little bit of veruscha and a little bit birkin.

 listen to her here


Aida said...

Love the pics, they're amazing!!


Diana Teodoro said...

That's exactly what I think about when I think of Lana! She's pure Americana!:)