lisbon fashion week day 1 // pulse edition

lisbon fashion week has started yesterday at Pátio da Galé and it will go on until Sunday. today Ricardo Preto, White Tent and Filipe Faísca showcased their Spring Summer 2013 collections


normally I look really forward to Ricardo Preto's Collection but this time I must confess I was quite disappointed. Apart from this simple, yet elegant dresses, the collection seemed uncoordinated and outage with strange patterns and looks that looked to hook-up on themselves and not as a whole.

I did like White Tent, it's just not my style. see the photos here


Filipe Faísca presented, in my opinion, the most coherent collection of the day. from sunny colours to the darks of blacks and deep blues, passing on the reds; from womanly dresses to summer pants and grand-finale skirt. this collections says hot season in every sense of the word hot. 


note of day 1 - portuguese fashion is definitely improving and we have real talented designers but I am always left with the sensation they could take more risks and innovate on the use of colour, shape and pattern. let's see what is on for the next days.

 all photos credited: Lisbon Fashion Week

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