Saturday, October 13, 2012

lisbon fashion week day 2 // pulse edition

Lisbon fashion 2! and let's start by the best this day had to offer


Os Burgueses are a duo formed by  Pedro Eleuterio e Mia Lourenço, who join their creative minds in 2009. Only one year after their first participation on Lisbon Fashion Week, they showcased a spectacular collection that transpired inspirations, good design skills and most of all (something that I think is always missed on some portuguese collections) wearability! I am delighted with their work!


white, nudes, satins & silks were the prevailing fabrics and colors used by alexandra moura to create a fairy-tale-like collections. a creative show that was a the perfect example of a collection created for the catwalk but that would had to be unassembled to be wore on the streets of Lisbon. It goes hand-in-hand with the Os Burgueses Show on the list of favourites so far.

 to me Buchinho presented a rather simple collection, not innovative and with some very deconstructed outfits that seem to be the middle and not the end of a creative process. besides these four looks there was nothing else that caught my eye. still a good point on the chose colors palette. 


 my great deception of the day was PEDRO PEDRO, one of my favourite portuguese designers. 
again nothing striked me as truly innovative, not the colors, not the patters, not the fabric cuts.
starting with dark denim shades and going on mainly with greys, blues and pale reds, the collection showed again the same problem as Buchinho: looks too much deconstructed to be wearable and that seem to miss an end. nevertheless it is still one of my favourite designers and you should check is work (here)...I hope one collection doesn't stand for a career. Pedro Pedro once created one of the best collections i had the pleasure of seeing in Lisbon Fashion Week, this one here

all photos credited: Lisbon Fashion Week

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