stylebook // you closet on your phone

unfortunately iI am not the prouder owner of an iphone. yet...
but I must admit although I think its a to big cellphone, it sure come in handy with all those marvellous apps. browsing the web I discovered another one: stylebook, an app that allows you to get your entire closet inside your phone! 

imagine this: there you are having coffee with your girlfriends and a all date planed for that night. of course you want their opinion but unless you have a photographic memory you will not know every single dress or skirt they own. with this app, you can mix and match photos of them and lay out outfits for them to see and help you go fantastic!

or imagine you want to buy new shoes to go with a particular dress. why take the dress with you, when you can take a picture of it, a picture of all the shoes you are wandering about and see what fits best.

(sight...i really need an iphone)

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